Tradable Token Diamond Hands Token Creation

Welcome to the first token created using our Brahma Registry tool!


Note: This token was created by a community member using the Brahma tool. Ganesha Token / Brahma is not affiliated with the Smoge Up token or it’s future operations.

Mr Smoge is a bad-ass gangster seal that means business! When he’s not taking a whiff of his cigar at the poker table, he’s making back-door deals with the local mob. Join in his adventures with SMOGE UP token; his favourite chips to use at the table!


Key Information

● Presale Link:
   ● Network: Binance Smart Chain
   ● Contribution Limits: Minimum 0.1 BNB, Maximum 5 BNB
   ● Presale Cap: 15 BNB Soft Cap, 200 BNB Hard Cap
   ● Presale End: 05/06/2021 at 17:00, or until Hard Cap reached.
   ● Presale Price: 30,000,000,000 SMOGE / per BNB
   ● Listing Price: 27,000,000,000 SMOGE / per BNB

Token Contract:
   ● Max Supply: 10,000,000,000,000 SMOGE